How NovaLex work impacts marketing & lead generation

NovaLex can impact marketing and lead generation across a variety of disciplines.

Where could your company use development?

Strategy Strength
Target Audience Clarity
Brand Image Strength
Product Development Vitality
Customer Experience Quality
Command of Business Analytics
Pricing Vitality
Team Strength & Agility

NovaLex will gladly provide references to more broadly articulate the potential impact on your business.

Below are a few comments from prior assignments involving the NovaLex team:

On overall approach to consulting assignment:

A great combination of robust analytics and innovation…right-brain – left-brain thinking.

President & CEO
Business Services Company

On strategy, research and planning:

They (NovaLex) provided market intelligence and strategic thinking that rivals anything I’ve seen from Yankee Group or Forrester.

Founder & CEO
Telecom Equipment Company

On promotion and innovation:

One of the most innovative marketing campaigns ever created.

Adweek on lifestyle promotion for retail leader;
resulted in record sales and a Gold Lion at Cannes

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