Automotive Marketing – Precise Buyer Targeting Gains Share – Lowers Costs

NovaLex Consulting has done work for major automotive makes and dealers, including those targeting very select buyer niches.

Automotive marketing for both auto dealers and manufacturers today has one of the highest advertising-to-sales ratios (expenses). NovaLex, using a combination of buyer targeting technology and deep consumer insights, represents a “less-is-more” approach. The more precise the target buyer information, the greater the response and the lower the cost-per-acquired customer.

NovaLex has been able to identify auto buyers in the timeframe they are ready to buy. Importantly, buyers who have different brands but are most likely to switch can be targeted individually.

  • auto1

    Technology geographically pinpoints your best prospects: customers in-market to purchase a particular class of car now

  • auto2

    Overlays owners of competitive brands most likely to switch brands

  • auto3

    Provides creditworthiness of prospective customers

  • auto4

    Aligns data to trading zone of dealership / retail locations

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The bottom line: an extraordinarily rich, precise picture of the best prospects for your business and a plan to acquire more buyers – a ‘growth blueprint’. That means less investment to drive more sales especially in highly competitive markets. And the plan can be developed and implemented either through your agency or using the NovaLex team.

Are your marketing plans optimized?

Could you be improving margins?

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