Consumer Package Goods

CPG Best Practices: Cross-functional Best-of-Breed Marketing Techniques

NovaLex team members have experience across a diverse set of marketing disciplines. The discriminating application of these, in a CPG context, can result in competitive advantage for CPG companies – a new set of CPG best practices.

Experience with top CPG firms to online marketing to retail disciplines, such as private label branding strategy, gives the NovaLex team a unique perspective on achieving the fullest development of a CPG brand jointly in the retail and consumer spaces. Examples of effective cross-pollenization of expertise are summarized below:

Cross-Pollenization of Marketing Disciplines to Impact CPG
Discipline Branding / Lifestyle Marketing Direct Marketing B2B Marketing Technology Marketing CPG Retail
Best Practice / Technique Use of deep consumer insights to integrate the brand into consumers’ lifestyle activities Online and eMarketing capability Effective targeting and more robust messaging to retail decision-makers Robust strategic pricing discipline from the most complex of pricing categories – entirely new category / product introductions Understanding and maintenance of proven tenets of CPG marketing Shopper marketing insights and techniques; private label branding for margin growth
CPG Benefit Greater brand clarity and affinity; brand enhanced with more emotional connection resulting in top-of-mind awareness and higher position in consumers’ consideration set More consumer touch points; impressions; extended consumer loyalty programs; feedback for future product development and refinement More effective trade promotions, channel management and rationalization of coop-marketing programs that preserve the power of the CPG brand, not just the retail brand Robust, demand-based pricing discipline that can be regionally tailored while rationalizing overall price strategy Recognition and preservation of essential, proven CPG tenets and strategic imperatives Help with strategy to leverage premium position versus private labels

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