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A new financial services marketing strategy to acquire high net worth – high profit customers

Deep marketing experience and new targeting technology create extraordinarily lower cost-per-account-acquisition.

  • Generate new accounts with less investment
  • Increase account conversions
  • Grow margins by targeting purchasers of high profit products – high net worth – high profit customers

NovaLex is a new format-consulting firm founded on the principle that less is more. We work as ‘marketing architects’, combining art and science – innovation and new hyper-targeting technology, to yield extraordinarily cost efficient results.

NovaLex’ Precision ConsultingTM pinpoints customers who are in the market and can be converted…now.

For enterprises like yours, NovaLex Consulting builds competitive advantage. First, NovaLex provides temporary CMO-level expertise to guide the work. Then, working with your vision and coupled with advanced data technology, we create a performance-based growth “blueprint”.

  • Bank1

    Technology geographically pinpoints your best prospects: high profit customers who purchase financial products (81 different financial products measured)

  • bank2

    Overlays competitive bank or brokerage customers who are most likely to convert

  • Bank3

    Segments high net worth customers for high margin services

  • bank4

    Uncovers key motivators to increase response; lower required investment

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The bottom line: an extraordinarily rich, precise picture of the best prospects for your business – a ‘growth blueprint’. It means less investment to drive more sales especially in highly competitive markets. And the plan can be developed and implemented either through your agency or using the NovaLex team.

Are you capturing your share of customers for both interest-rate products and investment products in a recovering economy?

Do you have plans for new sources of revenues in an increasingly regulated marketplace?

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