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Agency Business Development – More ‘Wins’ through Advanced Data & SME Intelligence

According to Adweek, agencies lose two-thirds of their clients every five years, and the number has been increasing.

The competition among advertising agencies today is unprecedented, suggesting that client service must be at an all time high. However, many clients are dissatisfied with their agency relationships.

Agency margins are under pressure, further restricting the appetite for investment in new business programs. This places a premium on “getting it right in the new business” pitch.

NovaLex brings a host of intellectual resources for competitive advantage in agency business development work. More than 75,000 engineers, business practitioners and academics are available to act as subject matter experts for the prospective client’s business. They serve as a leading knowledge source during the agency acquisition phase, including SME presence in the client meeting. Ultimately, they provide content for marketing once the prospect choses the agency.

NovaLex then applies the viewpoint of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to the agency’s new business presentation. NovaLex team members’ involvement with more than 50 new business presentations has led to a very specific set of winning disciplines.

In summary, the new business work is built around the following three informational support areas:

NovaLex creates an “agency growth blueprint” that insures a competitive advantage and unprecedented results for agency business development.

Is your agency addressing the 6 strategic imperatives a client has in a new business presentation?

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