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Schools Marketing – New Strategies for Enrollment and Endowment Management

NovaLex Consulting has developed a service to create highly cost-efficient enrollment and endowment management for schools and universities – a program that will significantly advance the cause of schools regardless of size.

NovaLex Consulting uses database technology for precise targeting of high-potential donors and enrollees combined with a method for understanding their specific motivations. This works to reduce marketing costs while making your school the institution of choice for new students and families with high potential for increased endowments.

To use a challenging example, for a parochial-type school, NovaLex Consulting has done work whereby specific families of a particular faith were identified along with income levels necessary to meet tuition requirements. All the data was aligned in a geographic fashion to insure acceptable commute distances.

  • school1

    Technology geographically pinpoints your best student prospects: families and students looking for the Christian school format.

  • school2

    Identifies those with the means to support tuition requirements.

  • school3

    Overlays “endowment capability” of prospective families to support fund-raising efforts.

  • school4

    Pinpoints all the above on a geographic basis to meet the ‘commute-factor’ and create the best recruiting opportunities.

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Endowment prospects are identified not only as high probability donators, but also by the dollar volume and the specific type charities to which they have contributed (e.g., religious or educational charities).

The plan can be fully implemented to include the attendant creative and media to deliver your unique message.

In the current economy, is your institution growing enrollment?

Are endowment funds increasing?

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