Changing the Branding & Marketing Paradigm


New technology allows wholesalers to leverage branding and marketing techniques to gain competitive advantage.


Many B2B businesses believe that direct sales, one of the highest-cost marketing tools, is the only way to promote and build their businesses. This overlooks some of the new, most cost-efficient promotional tools available for branding and marketing to develop a competitive advantage.

NovaLex Consulting team members have developed capabilities for large business-to-business marketers including wholesalers.

NovaLex, through a unique targeting capability, can size the market, segment the target and create higher response, allowing companies previously unable to afford concerted marketing programs to use a moderate investment in driving a sought-after return on marketing.

Further, NovaLex brings best-of-breed marketing tactics from other disciplines to leverage response from decision makers. Those skills, coupled with unique, audience-segmented messaging that resonates with multiple target groups, produce outstanding results for any business-to-business marketer.

Is your business properly promoted?

Are there cost-efficient tactics that you could be using right now to generate bigger returns?

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