Improving Customer Experience

Engineering the Customer Experience to Drive High Levels of Satisfaction
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What experience does the customer have with your company?

Is your customer service experience treated as a measurable process?


A specialty retailer was seeking a method to improve the quality control of the customer experience. Specifically, the goal was to achieve greater consistency in those elements of the experience that could be identified as important to the customer and focus on those in order to impact repeat business.

However, improving customer experience faced a major challenge. It had to be  implemented within a franchise organization that operated in an extremely independent fashion.


The lead NovaLex team member developed a statistical process control approach to the entire customer experience. A virtual “experience blueprint” was created where  processes were mapped and reviewed and values assigned for each step of the process.

NovaLex’ unique approach identified “customer impression points,” not just “touch points.” Impression points are those steps in customer service that have emotional content… not just a transactional interaction. By identifying those, a company can focus on a few key points that will do the most to drive the satisfaction of customers.