Technology Concerns

The Unique Challenge of Launching New Technology
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Launching new technologies can be daunting. The NovaLex team has worked with technology companies ranging from Fortune 100 technology brands to start-ups.

New technology brands have special requirements. Often, the need exists to define the market size, the target and the absolute potential including end user application. NovaLex uses special targeting tools to determine not only size but attitudinal and media consumption data for new technology prospects.

“The concept of “thinking of your product as a service” is invaluable in many new technology categories. It forces design thought (and consumer research) at stages past launch not normally considered. This can be critical to successfully launching new technologies.”

D. Foster
NovaLex Consulting Principal

For strategy development, NovaLex has developed a unique model to unveil core competencies that can be leveraged as brand differentiators.

For one of the most challenging requirements, NovaLex has developed expertise in pricing new technology products that are, in some cases, entirely new and disruptive categories. NovaLex work yields true demand-based pricing that can be used to optimize volume or margin.

NovaLex has also developed special tactics in promoting technology brands using proprietary multimedia “layering” tactics to mirror the all-too-often complex purchase decision process and the segmentation of not only attitudinal groupings but early adapter segments. This yields higher response, shorter sales cycles and a higher ROI on marketing investments.

Is your brand being supported in view of the special requirements for new technology?