NovaLex Consulting professional services

Service Description Experience
Strategy development NovaLex has developed effective strategies through its proprietary method of identifying unique points-of-difference for companies. Building a Mission that Motivates Performance
Innovation-Driven Strategy for Higher Profit
Brand image development / positioning focus NovaLex’ brand architecture work reveals opportunities to distinguish brands and make them top-of-mind among customers. Brand Image Development: Repositioning a Brand to Regain Market Share
Business development
  • Growth blueprint
  • New product conception & development
  • Innovation-based stage-gate management
NovaLex has a proprietary new business development method that uniquely infuses innovation into the process resulting in a wealth of new product or service concepts. Planned Innovation for Revenue and Profit Growth
Pricing optimization NovaLex uses a demand-based approach to pricing to optimize not only an ideal ‘center-point’ price but also an acceptable range of price for localization purposes. Building a Pricing Model to Maximize Share and Margin
Target definition / clarity NovaLex utilizes a database containing more than 100,000 datapoints on every adult in the US resulting in the ability to define the target to a much larger degree but also to actually size the market of high potential customers. A Laser-Focus on Target Audiences to Drive ROI
Marketing investment / media optimization NovaLex’ database work allows for the precise definition of media consumption by target segment yielding unprecedented ROI on media investment.
Customer product – service experience design & optimization Few companies actually measure the experience the customer has with their products or services. NovaLex assesses the high impact touch points to effectively manage customer satisfaction / Net Promoter Scores. Engineering a Customer Experience to Drive Satisfaction and Repeat Business
Organizational development – marketing team optimization NovaLex has a unique approach to organizing that provides extraordinary responsiveness between Management initiatives and frontline response. Organizational Development: Building a Team that Yields High Performance

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