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New Marketing Technology to Improve Customer Response
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NovaLex, Latin for “New Plan” or loosely, “Innovation Plan” is a new format consulting firm designed to create a better customer connection, efficiently driving revenue, margin and brand preference.

Precision Consulting, as it is known, is a technique that creates a marketing ‘fulcrum effect’. It acts to improve customer response through the use of two disciplines:


A proprietary targeting method using a patent-pending database tool which identifies the exact audience (including true audience size) and


A Deep Engagement Marketing methodology which determines:

1) motivating attitudes and,
2) exact media usage of the consumer

Identify High Potential Audience

Using a new database cross-reference technology that delivers some 100,000 data points on every person in the US, NovaLex identifies the target size, demographics and media consumption.

Define Key Motivators

Then, the deeper motivators for the target audience are measured to develop high impact messaging.

The Result

Identification of the highest probability, highest profit potential target audience for your business. And “less is more.” With highly accurate targeting and audience understanding, less marketing / media investment is required to achieve highly profitable results.