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In its simplest form, a business strategy is a blueprint for growth that is derived from customer or constituent insights. It provides for 3-things: 1) it recognizes that all strategic guidance is based on a deep understanding and insights of the customer, 2) it defines how the enterprise will deliver value to those customers and, 3) it embraces differentiation as the heart of strategy and recognizes it must answer the question: “Among the competitive set, how is my product or service distinguished from competitors?”

Incorporating the idea of strategy as a blueprint for growth means each element of your plan—from customer insights to value propositions and differentiators must be focused on supporting strategic goals. Aligning internal perceptions of value and differentiation with external customer attitudes serve as a catalyst to focus your business strategy, guide resource allocation, and improve overall enterprise productivity.

NovaLex has developed strategies for clients across a complex spectrum ranging from highly competitive, commoditized categories to breakthrough new technologies.

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