The Impact of Automation on Your Job

by | Oct 21, 2019 | White Papers

Will your job succumb to automation?

At NovaLex Consulting, we’re constantly evaluating demographic data and trends for our clients’ targeting and business opportunities.

Among the more interesting trends is the potential demographic change from the impact of automation on today’s jobs. In a report by McKinsey and Company, an analysis was done that identified the most vulnerable jobs and, at the same time, the offset created by automation providing new employment.

The chart at right shows the relative impact across industries. (The size of the bubble is the number of displaced jobs in millions.)

Clearly, a college degree is still valuable for employment. And a technical degree is as expected, a potential careerproducing advantage.

But there are jobs that many would not expect for example, Educator and Workforce Trainer.

It’s a reminder that as change brings challenges, it also brings opportunity.

Looking at the chart, what’s your next opportunity?